School Vision and Values

School Value Statements

School Vision

We are a supportive and welcoming community for all learners and their families. Our ongoing work is centered in humanity, compassion, and in affirming the uniqueness of each member of our community. We all learn from each other in ways that are intentional, collaborative, and innovative.


  • As we walk and create together we hold ourselves to the highest expectations to become our best selves

  • Building relationships and trust, acting with accountability, and caring for ourselves and each other are essential in all that we do

  • Students lead and mentor with integrity across our school community


  • We are a community that honours, centres, and respects Indigenous and human rights

  • Our work in and outside of the building reflects and honours students, their intersectional identities (Black, racialized, Indigenous, and others), and communities

  • We are disruptors; we identify our own biases and those of others in order to dismantle the power imbalances and systems that uphold them


  • All of our students are capable and can reach their full potential

  • We value the process of learning, and that progress and development are demonstrated in many ways

  • Student voice is cultivated through a greater awareness of one’s self and the world, the challenging of bias in self and others, and constant self-reflection and reconstruction of knowledge as we learn and grow